Last updated: January 22, 2018

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Bold Attack Near Airport Rattles Kashmir

Militants slipped into a fortified base in the disputed area. The ensuing battle stranded travelers and shut the international airport down for hours. NYT > Asia Pacific

Trump’s budget rattles Meals on Wheels in Kansas, where the group vows to fight on

President Trump’s recent budget proposal, which yanks federal funding for Meals on Wheels, may feel like abstract accounting to some, but for senior citizens in Saline County, Kan., it could

Argentina’s Trump-Like Immigration Order Rattles South America

Measures announced by President Mauricio Macri make it much easier to deport immigrants and restrict their entry. NYT > Americas

Britain Rattles Postwar Order and Its Place as Pillar of Stability

A historic vote to leave the European Union is raising questions about the future of the post-1945 order imposed on the world by the United States. NYT > Home Page

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