Last updated: February 25, 2018

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Illinois GOP Rep. Under Fire For Ad Mocking Transgender Community, Feminists

The Republican primary challenger in Illinois’ gubernatorial race is in hot water for a campaign ad that mocks the transgender community, Women’s March activists and immigration activists. Yahoo News –

Rep. Adam Schiff: GOP's FBI Memo Could Lead To 'Constitutional Crisis'

warned of a looming “constitutional crisis” if Republicans in Congress succeed in having a controversial classified memo released that reportedly attacks the FBI and the Justice Department’s Russia investigation. Yahoo

GOP Rep. Gaetz joins the 'Infowar' against the FBI

“We’re called conspiracy theorists because we see this cabal right in front of us,” said Gaetz. “We aggregate these data points and show what was really going on.” Yahoo News

Rep. Swalwell warns Trump admin over McCabe departure

Rep. Eric Swalwell joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the news that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is stepping down and warns that if his departure is in any way connected

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