Last updated: January 23, 2018

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John Kelly Told Lawmakers Trump Won't Build Wall Along Entire U.S.-Mexico Border: Reports

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly told a meeting of Democratic lawmakers that President Donald Trump’s campaign pledges to curb immigration ― including his promise to build a wall

San Jose mom, 40, dies days after coming down with flu, reports say

A 40-year-old mother in San Jose died two days after catching the flu, The San Francisco Chronicle reported, citing local media. FOX News

President Trump disputes reports of remarks on Haiti

President Trump is disputing multiple reports that he made disparaging remarks about countries during an Oval Office meeting with lawmakers on U.S. immigration policy. Yahoo News – Latest News &

Obama reports no gifts from Putin in 2016 — sad!

The State Department published its annual list of foreign leaders who made gifts to American officials, including President Barack Obama. Vladimir Putin wasn’t on it. Neither was Kim Jong Un.

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