Last updated: October 20, 2017

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Fugitive Venezuelan mayor urges continued resistance to Maduro as U.S. ups sanctions

A Venezuelan mayor-turned-fugitive has called for anti-government protesters to keep defying leftist President Nicolas Maduro, who has grabbed increased powers through a new legislative superbody … Read more … The

Pilotless plane tests face resistance

Remotely controlled planes could save more than £20bn in costs, a survey says, but passengers are wary. BBC News – Business

Anti-Trump Resistance Falling Flat? Some Democrats Deflated After Georgia Loss

“Democrats would do much better” if they would work more with Republicans, Pres. Trump tweeted after Republican Karen Handel’s win in the high-profile Georgia congressional special election. Yahoo News –

Trump Faces New Resistance and Low Poll Numbers

President Trump is breaking more promises and still refusing to release his tax returns, which is galvanizing his Democratic opposition. Thousands marched against him and are challenging his GOP supporters

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