Last updated: March 19, 2018

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Trump To Visit Ground Zero Of The Anti-Trump Resistance: California

Trump’s fraught relationship with California, where he has some of his lowest approval ratings, is sure to cast a shadow on the visit. Gov. Jerry Brown (D) said this week

Trump's State of the Union will be answered by a cacophony of resistance voices

The official Democratic response to the State of the Union will be by Rep. Joe Kennedy III. But others will join in, live and online, including celebrities and resistance groups.

‘Revolt’ in France Against Sexual Harassment Hits Cultural Resistance

Many in France call sexual harassment a national emergency, but cultural and legal barriers discourage women from complaining about harassment in the workplace. NYT > Europe

Fugitive Venezuelan mayor urges continued resistance to Maduro as U.S. ups sanctions

A Venezuelan mayor-turned-fugitive has called for anti-government protesters to keep defying leftist President Nicolas Maduro, who has grabbed increased powers through a new legislative superbody … Read more … The

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