Last updated: January 20, 2018

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Trilobites: How Dwarf Mongooses Respond to New Immigrants

Dwarf mongoose groups take a few months before they put full confidence in the sentinel calls of new arrivals. NYT > Africa

The idolatry of 'whiteness': Christians struggle to respond to Charlottesville

In Virginia devoutly Christian Democratic politicians are trading barbs with the state Republican Party and evangelical leaders in the wake of Charlottesville. Meanwhile, a group of African-American faith leaders has

Gulf nations respond to Qatar’s human rights comment

UAE, Saudi and Bahrain respond to Qatar’s Human Rights High Commissioner’s comments in joint statement KT Mobile

Russia will respond to new sanctions and that will hurt

“If the US, contrary to common sense and painful to itself experience, still takes the path of further expansion of sanctions, I assure you, there are moves in our arsenal

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