Last updated: June 19, 2018

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No rule of law for Abe and the LDP

Regarding “Opposition lawmakers find at least 117 errors in botched labor survey” in the Feb. 23 edition, in recent years stem cell research was disgraced … Read more … The

Oscars 2018: The Shape of Water and Frances McDormand rule

The Shape of Water takes the Oscars glory as best actress Frances McDormand salutes female talent. BBC News – Home

News Analysis: President Xi’s Strongman Rule Raises New Fears of Hostility and Repression

The decision to open a path to a third term for Mr. Xi has injected new uncertainty into international politics. NYT > Home Page

How Congress and Trump stymied Obama's mental-health gun-control rule

After the school shooting in Florida, President Trump emphasized the importance of mental health. But one of his first actions in the White House was to reverse Barack Obama's recommendation

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