Last updated: November 23, 2017

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Decades-long rule of Mugabe may be coming to an end

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s party accused the head of the country’s armed forces of “treasonable conduct” on Tuesday. – RSS Channel – Regions – Africa

Togo Rallies for Change After 50 Years of Rule by One Family

Protests calling for the resignation of President Faure Gnassingbé have drawn thousands and the demonstrations are increasingly turning deadly. NYT > Africa

Resist or Obey Madrid’s Rule? Catalonia Civil Servants Must Decide

Catalonia’s ministers, lawmakers, teachers, policemen and other government workers face the question of accepting Madrid’s authority — or staying loyal to their ousted leader. NYT > Europe

Catalonia Parliament votes to split from Spain as Madrid votes to impose direct rule

The Spanish Senate was due to vote on the Madrid government’s unprecedented plans to seize control of the autonomous region of Catalonia on Friday, as the crisis over the province’s

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