Last updated: April 24, 2018

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They stopped a Russian nuclear deal

Two South African environment champions have won the Goldman prize for stopping a Russian nuclear deal. – RSS Channel – Regions – Africa

UK braces for possible Russian retaliation over Syria

Britain is bracing for the possibility of Russian retaliation in the wake of Saturday’s airstrikes on alleged chemical weapons sites in Syria. – RSS Channel – Regions – Europe

Ex-sanctions czar bashes Obama administration's 'weak' response to Russian interference

Dan Fried, the former State Department diplomat who oversaw sanctions policy, told the "Skullduggery" podcast that he was “extremely” frustrated when the Obama administration issued “weak” and “frankly inadequate” sanctions

Feds: Russian cyber spies exploiting unpatched routers

Your old internet router may be the perfect spy tool for the Kremlin. FOX News

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