Last updated: May 24, 2018

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La maison la plus chère du monde? Simple babiole pour un prince saoudien

Un château d’une valeur de 300 millions de dollars fait partie d’une liste d’acquisitions extravagantes d’un prince qui prend des mesures sévères contre les richesses mal acquises et prêche l’austérité

Emperor eyes simple abdication ceremony with no foreign guests

Emperor Akihito wishes to step down in an abdication ceremony that is “as simple as possible,” without inviting foreign guests and holding a parade, the head of the Imperial Household

China Says It’s Open for Business. Foreign Firms Find It’s Not That Simple.

Chinese officials reiterated a welcoming message to corporate leaders at a conference on Wednesday, but the reality on the ground is more complex. NYT > Asia Pacific

As sure as eggs is eggs? It’s not that simple any more

A new brand of eggs comes from “heritage breeds” of hens that live on “handpicked British farms”. BBC News – Business

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