Last updated: February 20, 2018

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North Korean ex-spy Kim Hyon-hui speaks out

Kim Hyon-hui is a mass murderer, a former spy for North Korea who blew up a passenger jet in 1987 on orders she says were from Kim Jong Un’s father.

Donald Trump speaks at a fourth-grade level, the lowest of last 15 U.S. presidents, according to analysis

President Donald Trump connects with the American people by using a language that even a fourth grader could understand, according to a recently published analysis by Factbase on the speech

Trump Speaks At FBI Graduation After Trashing Bureau's 'Worst In History' Reputation

President Donald Trump on Friday told graduates of an FBI training program in Quantico, Virginia, he’s a “loyal champion” of police, days after he attacked the bureau and claimed its “reputation is

Trump Speaks Out On North Korea Missile Launch

President Donald Trump commented Tuesday on reports that North Korea launched another ballistic missile, saying the United States would handle the situation but offering no details about strategy. “We will take care of

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