Last updated: October 20, 2017

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Trump's Explanation For Removing Sudan From His Travel Ban Is Cringeworthy

At a press briefing on Wednesday afternoon, U.S. President Donald Trump attempted to explain why Sudan was not included in the latest version of his travel ban, which restricts entry to

Ambassador to Sudan becomes eighth Russian diplomat to die suddenly in 10 months 

Russia's ambassador to Sudan has reportedly died of a heart attack, becoming the eighth Russian diplomat to pass away unexpectedly in the past 10 months. Mirgayas Shirinsky, 62, was found dead on

U.N. to Reduce Peacekeepers in Darfur Region of Sudan

The Security Council voted to withdraw more than a third of the nearly 19,000 peacekeepers in the volatile region. NYT > Africa

South Sudan no longer in famine

More than a million people are still facing emergency levels of hunger, one step below famine. BBC News – Africa

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