Last updated: April 22, 2018

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Review: A Surgeon Performs Miracles in Sudan in ‘The Heart of Nuba’

The documentary is more about Tom Catena, who has been tending Mother of Mercy Hospital, than the political situation that restricts humanitarian aid. NYT > Africa

Global Health: South Sudan Halts Spread of Crippling Guinea Worms

It has been 15 months — longer than the worm’s life cycle — since the last case of infection, which means the parasite is nearing eradication in the country. NYT

Children ‘forced to watch rape’ in South Sudan

UN investigators say they have evidence that 40 senior officials could be responsible for war crimes. BBC News – Africa

South Sudan Cease-Fire Is Signed, but ‘Difficult’ Period Awaits

The agreement is the latest effort to calm a devastating civil war, now in its fifth year. NYT > Africa

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