Last updated: November 21, 2017

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Donald Trump Tries A New Tactic To Attack Congresswoman Who Exposed His Lies

President Donald Trump pushed his feud with a Florida congresswoman into the weekend by tweeting that she “is killing the Democratic party.” Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

The Parliamentary Tactic That Could Obliterate Obamacare

Republicans hope to repeal much of the Affordable Care Act through budget reconciliation, an expedited process that has produced some of the nation’s most important laws. NYT > Home Page

To Combat Trump, Democrats Ready a G.O.P. Tactic: Lawsuits

Republican attorneys general may have set the stage for their Democratic counterparts by using the courts to block parts of President Obama’s agenda. NYT > Home Page

A Conflicted Donald Trump Tries a New Tactic: Sticking to the Script

After months of flailing attempts, Donald J. Trump has begun to recast his message in more structured terms and wrestle with his temptation to go off script. NYT > Home

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