Last updated: January 23, 2018

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There Is a Water Crisis in Cape Town. Travelers Should Be Prepared (and Can Help).

Visitors will be alerted to the need for conservation when they land at the airport. The city and hotels are encouraging sustainable practices. NYT > Africa

There Are Huge Obstacles To Casting A Ballot In Alabama's Special Election

The last-minute push to focus on voter turnout in the Alabama special election for a U.S. Senate seat has brought the state’s restrictive voting policies into renewed focus, prompting concern

Roy Moore Now Says There Shouldn't Be A Religious Test For Public Office

WASHINGTON ― Alabama Senate GOP candidate Roy Moore said Tuesday that religion shouldn’t be used as a litmus test for public office, contradicting his decade-old statement that Muslims shouldn’t serve

Out There: The Eclipse That Revealed the Universe

In 1919, British astronomers photographed a solar eclipse and proved that light bends around our sun — affirming Einstein’s theory of general relativity. NYT > Americas

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