Last updated: April 27, 2018

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Military Officers Punished After Guardsman Appears To Re-Enlist Using Dinosaur Puppet

An airman in the Tennessee National Guard has been removed from her position Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Mattis Accuses Iran of Using Money to Sway Iraq’s Elections

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said, “We have worrisome evidence that Iran is trying to influence — using money — the Iraqi elections.” NYT > Middle East

US slaps more sanctions on North Korea 'for using VX nerve agent to kill Kim Jong-nam' in Malaysia

The United States formally concluded on Tuesday that North Korea ordered the murder of a half-brother and potential rival to ruler Kim Jong-un with the VX nerve agent. The North

Terrorists making millions by using money sent from western nations

The murderous al Qaeda affiliate al-Shabaab is making millions of dollars each year by exploiting foreign aid money sent to Somalia by the very western nations who are trying to

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