Last updated: June 26, 2017

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Exclusive: In latest job, Jim DeMint wants to give Tea Party ‘ a new mission’

Former Heritage chief joins group gaining traction with a call to change the Constitution.           GANNETT Syndication Service

Democrats in Split-Screen: The Base Wants It All. The Party Wants to Win.

A drawn-out Democratic struggle between liberals and pragmatists could spill into primaries and disrupt the party’s path to a majority. NYT > Home Page

FDA wants opioid pulled off market

The US Food and Drug Administration said Thursday that drugmaker Endo Pharmaceuticals must remove its powerful opioid Opana ER from the market. The agency says this the first time it

U.S. Wants Inquiry Into Deaths of U.N. Investigators in Congo

Nikki R. Haley, United Nations ambassador, pressed for a special investigation into the murders of Michael J. Sharp, an American, and Zaida Catalan. NYT > Africa

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