Last updated: January 20, 2018

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From Brussels, the Deposed Leader of Catalonia Pleads With a Wary Europe

Carles Puigdemont said he was not seeking asylum, but wanted to guarantee a fair trial for separatists who declared independence from Spain. NYT > Europe

As Catalonia Crisis Deepens, Many Basques Wary of New Independence Bid

Despite a history of separatism in the Basque region, the Catalan crisis does not appear to have yet increased zeal for Basque independence. NYT > Europe

Wary of Hackers, States Move to Upgrade Voting Systems

New equipment and security protocols are part of the response to Russian meddling in 2016. But lack of money is an obstacle. NYT > Home Page

U.S. East Coast keeps wary eye on Category 3 Hurricane Irma

Barely a week after Hurricane Harvey devastated large swaths of the U.S. Gulf Coast, Americans on the East Coast on Sunday were warily watching the … Read more … The

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