Last updated: December 14, 2017

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Build fast, fix later: speed hurts quality at Tesla, some workers say

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – After Tesla’s Model S sedans and Model X SUVs roll off the company’s Fremont, California assembly line, the electric vehicles usually make another stop – for

How The House GOP Tax Plan Soaks University Cooks, Custodians And Other Low-Paid Workers

The tax reform plan introduced by House Republicans eliminates a number of tax deductions to pay for a series of tax cuts that mostly benefit the very wealthy. Yahoo News

U.N. Says Peacekeepers and Civilian Workers Are Accused of Abuse

Almost half of the 31 accusations reported over three months were against people working in its refugee agency. NYT > Americas

Workers Who Help Make Haribo Gummies Kept In 'Slave'-Like Conditions, Says Report

German candy company Haribo has promised an internal investigation in the wake of an explosive documentary accusing the company of abusive labor practices and animal cruelty. Yahoo News – Latest

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